The Sims was originally designed asan architecture simulator, with Simsonly there to evaluate builds!

Posted: October 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Most people are familiar with the game
series, The Sims, but don’t know that
what they’re playing was supposed to be
for architecture simulations rather than a
game! The Sims was first released in
2000, and is one of the most heavily
expanded computer game franchises in
history, comprising seven expansion
It was released as a “strategic life-
simulation video game” where the player
can create houses and buildings in a
suburb of “SimCity” as well as the people
who inhabit the buildings. The player can
instruct the Sims to do almost anything
from hygiene maintenance to eating and
can even kill them from starvation,
drowning, fire, electrocution, and illness.
Developers originally created to game to
build houses while the Sims were only
there to evaluate how good the structure
was. However, during development they
realized that the people in the houses were
more interesting and fun than the houses
themselves, leading to completely
restructuring the game to focus more on
the Sims than the architecture!


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