We have the technology to displaysmall, full color holograms.

Posted: October 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Talking to people via hologram could
someday be a reality. Video phones have
been around for a while (long before the
advent of FaceTime), but they have had
difficulty getting off the ground because
audio alone is more accessible and
practical in many situations. Another issue
(that services like Skype share) is how
people can’t have video conversations
looking each other in the eye due to the
camera lens and screen not being in the
same place.
So holograms, or “static volume
volumetric 3D displays,” create images
without any moving parts. You may have
seen those clocks that appear to be
holograms but are really just quick
moving wands with lights on them.
These require no such gimmicks. There
are numerous techniques. Fog displays
can be used, in theory, to make a 3D
image that can be interacted with.
Another method involves using a focused
pulsed infrared laser that pulses about 100
times per second to create an image in the
air. This one seems to be the most
promising method, but we’ll have to wait
and see where this goes. Right now,
people are pretty much just waiting for it
to come around- which it will.


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