Facebook to discontinue Questionsfeature

Posted: October 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

A Cnet report confirms that Facebook is slowly
pulling its Questions feature out of the picture. A
Facebook representative said that the decison
has been made so that Facebook could focus
on other things. The Questions feature will be
unavailable for user access soon, it will still be
available on Groups and Pages.
Facebook Questions, which was launched in
beta in 2010, allowed users to ask their friends
and other Facebook contacts mutiple-choice
questions, thus enabling users to poll there
friends and the Facebook user base at large.
The report added further, “Search, in particular,
has been a pretty hot topic for the company in
the past few months. Chief Executive Mark
Zuckerberg has said that Facebook is “pretty
uniquely positioned to answer a lot of questions
people have.” It’s sort of “friend mining” – as
CNET pointed out last month — extracting
specific answers to a question by mining the
immensely data-rich social graph.”
In related news, Facebook is offering Rs 50
worth of mobile talk time to its selective users in
India joining the social network through
referrals. The system is very new, and the
program in India is one of the tests being
carried out. As confirmed by Kevin D’Souza,
Country Growth Manager, Facebook, the
amount of recharge will vary from user to user
and place to place.
DSouza went ahead and also confirmed that the
offer was for users coming through referrals.
He was quoted as saying at a press conference,
“We keep on trying new things. Because we do
not know what will work. This is one of the
tests. Just to get a feel of it, this particular test is
being done in India.
Only this week, Facebook’s “The Anti-Virus
Marketplace” or The AV Marketplace got
updated to accommodate seven new partners
to its existing network of security companies.
What this means is that now Facebook users
will be able to download software from avast!,
AVG, Avira, Kaspersky, Panda, Total Defense,
and Webroot. Users will also have access to
new anti-virus software for their mobile devices
from many of Facebook’s existing partners
such as Microsoft, McAfee, Norton, TrendMicro,
and Sophos. A user can download free anti-
virus software for his or her PCs, Macs, and
mobiles from the AV Marketplace.
If you have been spotting a slightly different
looking top navigation bar in your Facebook
account, then you are among the chosen few
on whose profiles Facebook is testing it. Inside
Facebook now reports that some users have
been spotting a rather different-looking top
navigation bar, in which the Search bar has
been pushed closer to the company logo.
The icons to view friend requests, messages,
and other activity notifications have been
moved further right on the bar. In fact, closer
inspection reveals that Facebook has completely
done away with the ‘Home’ button. Users
viewing the test design have to click on the
Facebook logo to go to their news feed.
Facebook introduced to user profiles in the
recent past remains the Timeline.


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