Upgrade your Windows 7 PC to Windows8 for Rs 699

Posted: October 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

The window to upgrade to the next
version of Microsoft’s computer operating
system is still open. The new operating system
won’t be delivered until October 26, however.
People who own a personal computer running
earlier versions of Windows can buy the
revamped system for Rs 699 onwards ($14.99
to $39.99). The upgrade offer is available in 140
countries. Users can register for the offer at
windowsupgradeoffer.com before February 28,
The lower price is being offered to PC owners
who have bought a machine powered by
Windows 7 since June 2. Everyone else with a
Windows-based computer will have to pay the
higher price if they want to upgrade.
The estimated retail price for the promotion will
vary by region and is dependent on a variety of
specific factors including exchange rate, local
taxes, duties, fees, local market conditions and
other pricing considerations. The actual price
you pay may be more than any advertised
price due to these additional factors.
“Windows 8 can be ordered beginning on 26
October 2012. When Windows 8 is ready for
ordering, you will receive an email with your
promotion code that you must redeem to
receive the promotional pricing during the
upgrade ordering process. This email will also
include ordering and download instructions and
a link to the ordering website,” said Microsoft.
The chance to upgrade at these prices expires
January 31, 2013. Microsoft designed Windows
8 so it can power both traditional PCs and tablet
computers in response to the iPad’s popularity


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