We get Pizzas within 30 mins,But not HEALTHCARE… FUNNY yet TRUE.. Modern Health Care will change it…

Posted: May 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

I am an ‘Electronics and Telecommunication’ Engineering student and always think about bringing together medical,electronics and communication fields,because nowadays we have our emails synched,our banks digitized but WHAT ABOUT MEDICAL FIELD..?? WE Service our  Vehicles Frequently than WE go to Hospitals…(Another FUNNY yet TRUE fact)…. 

So,I am working on a Project Model which:

Reads our ECG from a Mobile device or a ECG Machin—> Then Analyses It —>Compresses It for proper Transmission —> Transmits it to Doctors and Medical Databases—>The Doctors then Interpret it And Provide further Solutions ….!

Seems Interesting ?!!!… Yes it is.. But Challenging too….

If it is adapted by large group of masses and even if we are able to save 10 % deaths due to cardiac disorders,we can save about 1 million Smiles per year worldwide(Yes..1,00,00,000 people died due to cardiac disorders in 2013)….

This how modern healthcare will not only provide faster services but also save valuable lives…

WE work so hard for ourselves and our beloved ones …But what will be its use if WE wont exist…PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE…HOPE FOR BEST… LIVE HAPPY.. LIVE HEALTHY….. 🙂

Thanks to- http://www.apollohospitals.com/cutting-edge.php


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