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‘India’-The Country of 125 Crore People and their 250 Crore Hands … Carving daily the future of the country and future of the world…

The country of PEOPLE….The country of dreams..

Watched the video of Mittal Patel and her job for the ‘INVISIBLES’….

The moment I watched this video,don’t know why but a childhood poem struck my mind… ‘THE UNSUNG HEROES”…. Those tribes in India are really our unsung heroes.

Now,some might be wondering about the title I gave to this blog.. and reason for this too is same as above… ‘It suddenly struck my mind’ after watching this video;I stopped complaining about silly,not-so-important tensions in my Life for there are such many people in even SO-CALLED developed Gujrat whose only purpose left in life is to PUMP OXYGEN IN and CARBON DIOXIDE OUT.They don’t even have food to eat.

                Time has come to change.Time has come to stop saying ‘WHY ONLY ME’…

                Time has come to RE-LIVE….

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